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Your Knowledge Is Streets Behind

| Friendly | November 30, 2016

(I work for a non-profit organization as a telemarketer, making phone calls to ask for clothing donations to help the program. It helps children stay off the streets and have a strong mentor in their lives. This was my morning, as usual, until this call comes up.)

Me: “Hi! My name is [My Name]. I’m calling from [Non-Profit Organization].”

Caller: “Yes?”

Me: *I present the usual script in front of me* “Would you have anything to donate to help the youth in your community?”

Caller: “The youth of MY community?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am.”

Caller: “Why would I ever donate to the brats of my community when they cause so much trouble around here?!”

Me: “Uh—”

Caller: “They come around the neighborhood, with their phones lit up, and walk around through the night! They are just troublemakers! So, NO, I will not donate to the youth of this community. They don’t deserve it!”

Me: *forcing a smile* “O-Okay, ma’am, thank you very much for your time and you have a pleasant day!”

Caller: “Thank you, and try to wake up.” *hangs up*

(The irony? The charity works to keep children off the streets and to keep them from getting into any trouble in the first place!)

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