Your IT Knowledge Is Junk

| Working | June 20, 2016

(I’ve designed some adverts and flyers for my new boss. This is our email conversation:)

Boss: “[My Name], I haven’t had that new flyer design. Please send it over.”

Me: “I sent it over Tuesday. Can you check your junk mail?”

Boss: “Yes, it’s gone to junk mail. Send it again.”

Me: “You can just ‘accept’ it out of junk mail. Then your system will know it’s fine to accept e-mails from me.”

Boss: “No, you’re using the wrong email address. Use [his email address].”

Me: “Yes, I’m sending it to that address, and it’s going into your junk mail. You have to confirm that it’s safe, and then it’ll go into your normal inbox.”

Boss: “You’ve got that wrong. You have to use my correct e-mail address, [his email address again].”

Me: “Yes, that’s the address I’m using. I’ll send it again if you like.”

Boss: “Okay, but stop sending it to my junk mail!”

Me: *head desk*

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