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Your Internet Has Been Barred

, , , , , | Working | October 23, 2019

Fairly recently, I moved to a new house. I went through the hassle of getting utilities set up. Electric, phone, propane, water, and sewer had no issues. But setting up Internet and cable was ridiculous. I nicknamed them “OneFinger” because that is what they wave at customers with.

I called and set up an appointment. No one showed up, and I heard nothing for a week. I called them back, and they said that the tech had been there and service was unavailable. Strange, as the houses on both sides are connected. They made another appointment. Same result, again with me having to call them, again with the tech saying service was not possible. Again, I mentioned that the houses next to mine had service. They made another appointment, and I was ready for round three.

I took the day off work and waited on the street in my car from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm; my wife gave me a couple of breaks. My road is a dead-end, and I am two miles from the only entrance, so if a cable truck had come to my house, I absolutely would have seen it. No show again. No call again. The tech specifically still claimed there is no way to get service to my house.

I went to their office in person the next day and explained what I had done. Apparently, the service trucks are equipped with a GPS tracking feature, and they called up the history of the tech’s truck. Interestingly, it seems that the guy couldn’t find my house at all, but he knew exactly where the local bar was. I’m not saying he spent the time he was supposed to be getting me cable drinking, but I know he didn’t park there and walk, either.

He was called back to the office and fired. And this story was sent with the cable service that suddenly was available after all.

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