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Your Great Purpose

| Romantic | September 15, 2016

(My husband drove me to a job interview and waited in the car. We are driving home and he is complaining about being in the car all day. I regularly go to a job with him and wait in the car. I get out my phone and pretend to text his grandfather.)

Me: “Your grandson is a butthead.”

Husband: “Don’t send that. Don’t turn my family against me.”

Me: “They already like me better than you anyway.”

Husband: “They’re just using you…”

Me: “For what?”

Husband: “Great-grandchildren!”

Me: “Touché.”

Husband: “You know it’s true.”

(Sadly, it is true – sort of. I’m the only adult female of my husband’s generation who can have children. I am their ‘only hope.’)

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