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Your Friends Can Desert You

| Friendly | January 31, 2014

(I am eight years old. I’m at a friend’s house, where there is a ‘eat everything on your plate’ rule. For dinner we have several veggies I don’t like. I can’t make myself eat them but I’m worried about seeming rude. My friend notices that I haven’t touched the veggies.)

Friend: “I really like carrots, so I can eat yours if you want. And since you don’t like peas, I can take them as well.”

Me: “Thank you!”

(I spoon my veggies onto her plate, and several minutes pass.)

Friend’s Mom: “Alright, now that everyone is done dinner, it’s time for dessert.”

Friend: “[My Name] didn’t finish her dinner! I ate all her vegetables! She doesn’t get dessert, because she didn’t finish and I should get two desserts!”

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