Your Friend Has An Axe To Grind

| Finland | Friendly | May 29, 2017

(My friends know that I do lots of first aid, most notably organizing it for a yearly sports event of about 600-700 competitors. While just killing time online, I get the following text:)

Friend: “My leg is bleeding. What should I do?”

(My friend doesn’t have a camera in his phone at the time.)

Me: “Well, I’d need to see a picture first. But if you’re unsure, try to stop the bleeding and get someone to drive you to the nearest clinic.”

Friend: “All right.”

(A few hours later, my friend came online. He told me he hit himself with an axe while chopping wood. And yes, his first reaction was to ask me what to do, instead of crying bloody murder to get the attention of someone who could actually do something about it. Luckily, he didn’t need stitches even though the wound was pretty nasty. I later explained that I never was, am not, and will never be 9-1-1.)

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