Your First Mistake Was Expecting Sense Out Of A Bigot

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(There are two guys sitting at a table near me. They’re loud enough that I understand they’re talking in a foreign language but are still at a decent volume. A woman is sending them death glares from her seat. After draining her coffee, she walks by them, forcefully bumping [Guy #1]’s shoulder with her hip. I’m witnessing the exchange between all three.)

Guy #1: *in English* “Excuse me, ma’am, do you need something?”

Lady: *in a condescending tone* “Oh, just some common decency for you to speak English here. Seems you know it well enough. Good for you.”

(She walks towards the exit, acting like she just put the poor guys in their place.)

Guy #2: *also in English* “Do you mean we need to speak English in a country with no official language? Wow, you sure showed us.”

Lady: *whipping her head towards [Guy #2]* “You don’t get to talk to me like that, you f****** immigrant!”

Guy #2: “My brother and I grew up here, hence our local accent. But because you heard us speaking in a different language, we’re automatically immigrants? Where’s the logic in that?”

Lady: “Well, obviously–”

Guy #1: “What’s obvious is that you’re mad you couldn’t eavesdrop on our conversation. You know, the conversation only between us and no one else. You don’t think we noticed your glare the whole time?”

(The woman, as a mature human being, simply flipped them off and stormed out of the cafe. The brothers resumed talking in their own language.)

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