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Your Eyes Are Fine But The Hearing Is Another Matter

| Working | March 28, 2017

(The other day I went to a well-known eye care and glasses store to get a check-up and new prescription for my eyesight. Since I came in on a Saturday afternoon for my appointment, the person in charge of fitting the lenses into frames was already heading home for the day, and I had to wait until Monday to come in to pick it up. I was fine with this, and told them I’d wait for their call so I’d know when to pick it up. Mid-Monday afternoon, I receive a call from them. Note: I am a young adult.)

Me: “Hello?”

Caller: “Hi, this is [Caller] from [Eye-Care Store]. Is your mom or dad there?”

Me: *confused, since my mobile phone was called* “…No?”

Caller: “Oh, well then, would you like me to call back and leave a message on the machine for them?”

Me: “Are you… calling about an eye doctor appointment?”

Caller: “No, I’m calling about a prescription pick-up for [My Name].”

Me: “That’s me.”

Caller: “Oh! Are you the mom?”

Me: *after a pause* “No, I am the twenty-year-old child.”

Caller: “Oh! I’m so sorry. When you first picked up, you sounded like a little girl!”

Me: “…”

(I ended up getting a good laugh about it and let them know I would pick up my prescription as soon as I could.)

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