Your Education Or Your Life…

| Learning | January 24, 2016

(I am a senior in college taking advanced English courses. We have a new professor this year who is proving to be not only very strict, but due to a nasty divorce, very prejudiced against women. I suffer chronic UTIs, and a particularly nasty bout has resulted in a kidney infection. I approach my professor to discuss my health issues and how it will affect my attendance.)

Me: “Hi, Dr. [Professor], I wanted to talk to you about class on Thursday. I know I have already missed a couple of classes due to illness, and I want to let you know that I won’t be able to attend Thursday either because I have a CAT scan scheduled. I want to get my work done so I don’t fall behind.”

Professor: “That is completely unacceptable. The syllabus strictly states that more than two absences will result in failing the course.”

Me: “I have provided notes from my doctor, and have been too sick to come to class. I have just spent yesterday in the hospital to receive fluids and intravenous antibiotics!”

Professor: “The reason for your absence does not matter. If you do not come to class Thursday, you will fail.”

Me: “Dr. [Professor], I’m trying to get my teaching certificate. I cannot fail a course in my major. I did not get to pick my appointment time, and I cannot miss my CAT scan. I have a kidney infection.”

Professor: “You need to make your education the highest priority. You obviously just don’t care about this class.”

(I spoke with the department chair, and received compassion and an assurance that I would not fail. I set the curve on both his exams. He was fired one year later.)

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