Your Dignity Is Not Worth Her Dollar

, , , | Right | November 17, 2018

(We’ve just gotten special limited edition promotional tubs which cost $1 more than our standard large popcorn. I’m helping a man and his girlfriend who are buying a large popcorn.)

Customer: “How much more would it be to get one of the tubs?”

Me: “They’re one dollar more than the standard large popcorn.”

Customer: “How much more do you get?”

Me: “They’re basically the same size as our regular large popcorn; they’re just a limited edition promotional item supplied to us by [Film Studio].”

Customer: “Bah, no thanks. Not worth it.”

(He wanders away. A few minutes later, his girlfriend walks back.)

Customer’s Girlfriend: *trying to hand me a dollar* “Gimme one of the tubs.”

Me: “Sure thing, that’ll be [total that’s significantly more than $1].”

(She doesn’t say a word and just walks away. About ten minutes later, she comes back.)

Customer’s Girlfriend: *trying again to hand me a dollar; fuming* “I’m giving you a dollar. Give me one of the tubs. I don’t know how you idiots go from $1 for the tub to that ridiculous price you told me before, but I’m only giving you a dollar. Give me the d*** tub.”

Me: “I’m sorry if there’s been any confusion, ma’am. The tubs were never $1.”

Customer’s Girlfriend: *turning bright red* “My boyfriend said the tubs were $1.”

Me: “Oh, I understand. They’re not $1. They’re $1 more than the large popcorn he bought.”

Customer’s Girlfriend: “So here’s your $1. Give me a tub of popcorn.”

Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry but he already bought a large popcorn. I can’t give you a tub for $1.”

Customer’s Girlfriend: “So?”

Me: “So I’d have to charge you the full price if you wanted a tub of popcorn.”

Customer’s Girlfriend: *scoffs, sarcastic sigh* “What stupid logic did you have to follow to get that idea?”

Me: “Because he already purchased a large popcorn?”

Customer’s Girlfriend: “So?!”

Me: “I can’t sell a full-priced tub for only $1.”

Customer’s Girlfriend: “But you said it was only $1!”

Me: “Ma’am, I said it was $1 more than the large popcorn he was buying when he asked me how much more it cost.”

Customer’s Girlfriend: “I don’t care!”

(This goes on for some time. She doesn’t understand that I can’t just give her a promotional item — from a studio that’s know to be very controlling and micro-manages how their products are handled in theaters, no less — that costs nearly $10 for $1, and she seems to think that the fact they bought a large popcorn means they can get a second full-priced popcorn for only $1. She eventually storms off, only for her boyfriend to return a few minutes later.)

Customer: *seeming sad and defeated* “Uh, sorry about that. If I buy a tub, and she says anything, can you just say you gave in and only charged me a dollar? She’s not gonna shut up until she thinks she’s ‘won.’”

Me: “Sure.”

(He paid the full price, but thankfully I was on break when their theater let out. From what I gather, she actually laughed at the concession staff on duty, being sure to make eye contact with each one while she did it. Thank god I haven’t seen them again. Poor guy.)

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