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Your Death Will Be Ornamental

| Related | October 9, 2014

(My wife did some volunteering for the horticulture department at the local college, and received a few trees, most of them ornamental. My mother-in-law, whom we live with, comes knocking at our door.)

Mother-In-Law: “What are these?” *holds up a bitten into fruit*

Me: “An ornamental pear, I think.”

Mother-In-Law: “Is it edible?” *takes another bite*

Me: “It’s… ornamental.”

Mother-In-Law: “But is it edible?”

Me: “I guess, but I’m not even sure that’s what it is.”

Mother-In-Law: “Well, they sure are tasty! Look it up on your computer and tell me if I’m going to die tonight!” *takes another bite and walks off*

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