Your Day Is On An Upward Curve

, , , | Hopeless | October 17, 2016

(I am someone who is quite curvy, and has always struggled with my weight and how I look. In fact, I don’t enjoy being in photographs or looking at myself in mirrors.  I am working on my laptop by myself, when suddenly twin ten-year-old girls I have never met before approach my table, and we have this conversation:)

Ten Year-Old #1: “Hi! I just wanted to say… you are so gorgeous!”

Me: *in complete shock* “Oh! Thank you! That was so nice of you!”

Ten Year-Old #1: “You’re welcome! And I really mean it… You are so pretty! Hey, [Ten-Year-Old #2], come here!” *points at me* “Doesn’t she look so pretty?”

Ten Year-Old #2: “You’re right!” *to me* “I agree with my sister… You are so beautiful!”

Me: “Thank you so much!”

(I then notice their mother… and spontaneously decide on this next action.)

Me: *to their mother* “Excuse me… your daughters just made my day! They came to my table and said I looked so pretty! Thank you for raising such nice daughters!”

Mom: “I’m glad… and you are welcome!”

Me: “I would like to buy them, and—” *notices she also has a third daughter* “—your [Younger, Shyer] daughter each a cookie. I insist.”

Ten-Year-Old Girls: “Wow! Thank you… and we hope to see you here again soon!”

(I wish those girls knew just how much I appreciated — and still appreciate — their spontaneous comments!)

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