Your Courier Days Are Numbered

| Working | January 25, 2015

(Our office is in an industrial complex, where a number of warehouses share a single building. Each business has its own front door and address. Our office was created after the original floor plan, from sections of other warehouses, and they neglected to add a number on our front door. Still, our address ends in ’58’ and the neighbors have their numbers on display, with a ’56’ and ’60.’)

Courier: *coming from adjacent business* “Wow, I couldn’t find you guys.”

Me: “We’re right here, at [address].”

Courier: “Yeah, but you have no number out front.”

Me: “I know. It’s a pain, but we’re right here between [two adjacent addresses].”

Courier: “I’ve been driving around for half an hour.”

Me: “Why didn’t you call us?”

Courier: “I didn’t have your number.”

Me: “But we received a call earlier, saying you were going to be late.”

Courier: “That was dispatch. I never received any information.”

Me: “So, you couldn’t call dispatch to call us?”

Courier: “No. Like I said, I’ve been driving around trying to find you guys for 30 minutes.”

Me: “Oh, well, sorry. Like I said, we’re right between ’56’ and ’60.'”

Courier: “Yeah, but there was no number. I can’t tell where you are if there’s no number…”

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