Your Chances Of Winning Are Non-Existent

| Working | May 15, 2017

(My family is in an area that quite often gets mass scams. Due to our last name being in the middle of the alphabet we generally hear about these before they get to us, and even if we don’t they’re generally pretty stupid. My mom, while not all up on the “lingo,” does know how to use computers and how to get viruses off efficiently. I’m walking past my parent’s bedroom and overhear this exchange from my mom’s side. She filled me in after I sat there laughing.)

Mom: “So I have a virus on my computer?”

Telephone Scammer: “Yes, that is correct. Your computer is sending signals to our international detection center that it is having a problem related to a virus.”

Mom: ” Well, that’s not true. There is no international detection system.”

Telephone Scammer: “Yes, there is, and it’s telling me your computer has a virus.”

Mom: “My computer? So it says [Mom]’s computer?”

Telephone Scammer: ” Yes, [Mom]’s computer. Our tech people are informing me of a virus on your computer, ma’am.”

Mom: “So your guys are telling you I have a virus on my non-existent computer?”

Telephone Scammer: *not catching that last part* “Yes, there is a virus on your computer, ma’am. I can help but—”

Mom: *cuts her off here* “Well, that isn’t true. I know there isn’t a detection center and my non-existent computer definitely doesn’t have a virus on it! You guys want me to remote let you in, so you can lock me out and steal my information like you did to my brother last week.”

(Yes, my uncle fell for the scam. He had never been told about this kind of scam before and isn’t tech savvy.)

Telephone Scammer: *again not catching it* “Ma’am, you may like to think you know all about computers, but then you’d be in my position, and I’d—”

Mom: *my mom cuts her off again* “Wow, miss, you’re persistent but you haven’t been listening. I don’t have a computer. I told you that twice and you kept going. What do you say to that?”

Telephone Scammer: “Uh…” *click*

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