Your Career Path Is In Arrested Development

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My coworker is notoriously terrible at communicating with our boss if he’s going to be out for any reason, emergency or otherwise. Since we hired him, it has become an increasingly prevalent problem. My boss tries to coach him, to no avail.

It all comes to a head one week when he fails to show up on Monday for work. After hearing nothing from him for hours, I contact his girlfriend, who tells me that he was involved in an “incident” over the weekend and she doesn’t know when he’ll be back in. She does say she’ll have him contact us, though.

A week passes and we don’t hear from him. I do some digging online, and discover that he was arrested. He has been in jail for a week.  

After all is said and done, he is no call/no show for about ten days. When he does finally call, he tells my boss that he’ll need FMLA, family/medical leave. My boss tells him it isn’t working out and that he’s been terminated. The kicker? The guy says he isn’t surprised!

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