Your Brain Has Cashed Out For The Evening

, , , | Right | January 1, 2019

(I’m the dumb customer in this one. I pretty much never get gas at the same place every time. I also never pay at the pump; when I prepay with my card, some gas stations will automatically refund the amount to the card while others make me come in and get cash, so I always make it a point to ask before I pump. It has already been a long day, and I am getting gas before I have to go to class.)

Me: *sets energy drink on the counter* “I need $25 in pump [number].”

Cashier: “That’ll be $30.”

Me: *hands her cash*

Cashier: *hands me change*

Me: “If it all doesn’t fit in the tank, do I have to come back in, or will you automatically put it back on my card?”

Cashier: “Well, you paid in cash, so…”

Me: *facepalm*

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