Your Boss Is A Bit Prickly  

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(I’m currently on sick leave after donating a kidney, something my boss and overall department took really well, especially considering I couldn’t give a definite answer as to when I’ll be able to return to work. I’ve tried to prepare for my absence as best as I can, but I know my boss is not looking forward to it, as we have a close working relationship and he doesn’t like change. The first Friday after getting home from the hospital, I receive a bouquet of flowers from the office. My colleague quietly lets me know that it was all my boss’s idea, so I send him a separate message after the general thank-you to the department.)

Me: “Thanks for the flowers! I really appreciate the gesture; it was lovely.”

Boss: “Uh-huh. By the fourth week, it’ll be cacti, just so you know.”

(I don’t think too much about it, since that’s just his style of humour, but from then on flowers get delivered every Friday… until week four when, indeed, the delivery guy hands over a potted cactus. Incidentally…)

Me: “[Boss], thanks for the gesture! I think. Also, I think I’m well enough to return to work next week.”

Boss: “Wait, that actually worked?!”

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