Your Assumptions Are Mud

, , , , | Working | February 23, 2018

(My mother owns an apartment building, and I live on the bottom floor while she lives in a room above me. One night I hear a trickling sound. We believe our pipes are leaking and there’s waste-water coming down my ceiling. With it being so late, there isn’t much we can do but shut off the water main, which means leaving our tenants without water for who knows how long. It’s very hot, being just the beginning of summer, and my mom doesn’t want to put anyone out. So, I’m sent to the store to pick up some kegs of water for everyone. When I get there I see that only two are out, and I need three, so I ask if they have anymore in stock downstairs in the stockroom. They do, and the woman working says a guy will bring some up for me. This older, scraggly looking man arrives with a box to open and unload more water, looking kind of miffed that he had to be bothered, while I stand to the side with my wagon waiting.)

Stock Guy: “You know, back in my day we drank from the faucet!”

(It takes me a moment of shock to realize he must think I’m buying these all because I’m “too good” for tap water. When I quickly get over it, I explain in a not-so-kind manner:)

Me: “Well, back in your day, our pipes worked. These are for all the tenants in our building to wash up with and stuff. Otherwise, they’d have mud.”

(The guy looked really embarrassed! Serves him right for openly judging. We did fix the problem the next day, thankfully.)

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