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Your Argument Most Definitely Has A Leg To Stand On

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I am on a busy bus, and I’m sitting on one of the easy-access seats. I’m a youngish man. An older woman gets on and immediately starts poking my leg with her walking stick.

Older Lady: “Oi! Get up! Those seats aren’t for you!”

Me: “There are three empty accessible seats right next to you, and please stop poking me.”

Older Lady: “Young men stand on the bus! And this is my walking stick! I need it to walk, and I also use it to make my point to young ruffians like you!”

I proceed to remove my entire prosthetic leg and aim it at her.

Me: “This is my walking stick. I need it to walk. Shall I also use it to make my point?”

The old lady’s eyes went wide, and she sat down in one of the available seats and muttered an apology.

The best part was that later on the bus journey, a bunch of old ladies boarded at once, and I made a big show of vacating my seat and offering it to them. The flurry of “What a nice young man!”-type comments increased with the redness of the old lady’s face.

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