Your 911 Is Not A 2-For-1

| Stamford, CT, USA | Right | August 17, 2012

(A customer walks into the security office with a parking ticket in her hand.)

Customer: “I got this parking ticket even though I paid the meter. The meter still had time on it!”

Security Officer: “Ma’am, would you mind if I see the ticket?”

(The customer hands the ticket to the security officer and he reviews the ticket.)

Security Officer: “Ma’am, it says here you were issued the ticket because you were parked in two spaces.”

Customer: “Of course I parked in two spaces. I didn’t want anyone parking next to me and scratching my Porsche!”

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  • Jonnie Madison

    Well, if you wanted two spaces, maybe you should have bought two tickets? (Don’t know if it would work, but it might.)

    • Aaron

      I don’t think it would. Either way, unless you’re a bus or hauling a trailer, it’s illegal