You’ll Win When The Dust Settles

| Learning | May 23, 2014

(I’m in French class. We’ve just been handed back our tests. The French teacher is known for being strict.)

Me: *going up to her desk* “Uh, Mrs. [Teacher]? You marked this question wrong, but I got it right.”

(The question is asking what you can see with a microscope.)

Teacher: *looking over the question* “Hmm. Wait. Did you just add this on?!”

Me: “What? No!”

Teacher: “Hmm. Okay… Ah. I see the problem.” *pointing to sheet* “You can’t see dust with a microscope!”

Me: “Yes… You can…”

Teacher: “But you can’t just pick it up and put it on the microscope! You can’t see it!”

Me: “Yes, you can!”

(This continues for a few minutes, with her making excuses that don’t make sense. I eventually disprove her arguments.)

Teacher: “You know what?! I’m not even going to bother! I’ll just give you the mark. Now, get out of my class!”

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