You’ll Want To Take A Shower After This One

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This happened recently at our local grocery store during the health crisis.

This store has been great at protecting staff and customers. You must wear a mask in the store, they sanitize the carts and belts between customers, and the cashiers stand behind plastic barriers.

The other day, I was waiting in line behind another customer. The customer left and I noticed the cashier didn’t wipe down the belt.

Okay, no big deal; we all forget sometimes. I loaded my stuff anyway and moved up to pay.

I noticed the cashier had the sniffles. Umm, okay, maybe it’s allergies. I have them, too.

We got to the last of my stuff. The cashier started pulling on her mask and then kept touching my stuff without using sanitizer. I started getting a little concerned.

She scanned the last of my stuff, and then she pulled her mask down to her chin, coughed into her hand, and then reached over to the belt to move an open bag of grapes that an older man had placed on the belt behind my stuff. Then, with the same hand, she grabbed my receipt and tried to hand it to me.

Yeah, I definitely did not take my receipt that day. I usually don’t sanitize my groceries, but I did that day. I’m sorry about the older guy behind me if the cashier was really sick. I haven’t seen her since.

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