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You’ll (Pre)Pay For That

, , , | Right | November 28, 2017

(We have an email address that we let people use to send files to us, as long as they are in the store at the time, so we can go over the order together and fill out a proper order form. If the customer is at home, we ask them to use our website, for many different reasons. This day I see an email asking how much a certain order will be, along with attached files. These exchanges have been shortened a little.)

Customer: “How much would it cost to get [job] done?”

Me: “It would cost [price] if you were to have the standard items across the board. This is, however, a very large order that needs to be prepaid, and I would feel more comfortable if you came into the store so we can print a sample for you and make sure we understand the order.”

Customer: “I’ve never prepaid for anything before. Is this a new rule? And it’s not that big of an order.”

Me: “No, it’s not a new rule. Generally, orders under $100 aren’t always made to prepay, but anything higher than that needs to be prepaid because people don’t come to pick up their orders. I can keep your files saved on our computer for you, so that when you come in to go over the order, you don’t have to bring the files in. Is that okay?”

Customer: “I’ll have to go somewhere else if I can’t prepay. We never prepay for anything. This is ridiculous. I’ll come in to look at proofs.”

(The customer never comes in. But then a few days later, my coworker texts me.)

Coworker: “So, it was super dead at work tonight, so I was going through old order forms to recall people, telling them to come get their stuff, and there was a two-month-old order that wasn’t even paid for, so I emailed them to ask if they still wanted it. And I realized that it’s the same person who was getting mad about having to prepay earlier this week! SHE’S THE REASON WE WANT ORDERS TO BE PREPAID!”

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