You’ll Need Counseling After Their Counseling

, , , , | Right | December 5, 2017

(I’m the receptionist of a small counseling office. One of the counselors has been providing services to a married couple who have been rude from day one. They are easily one of the worst couples to come through in my time at this job, and to make matters worse, they always bring their two children, a four-year-old who clearly has no rules or boundaries, and an infant who is the only one in the family who isn’t a problem. Yet. This particular day, they only have the infant with them. I inwardly cringe when they walk in, but greet them like I do everyone else.)

Me: “Good morning! Here to see [Counselor]?”

Wife: *nods but otherwise makes no indication that she realizes I exist*

Me: “Great. Go ahead and have a seat, and I’ll let [Counselor] know you’re here.”

(While I’m paging the counselor, the baby starts to scream, and I hear the woman say that the baby has spit up. She comes up to the counter to grab some tissues and stands there cleaning up the baby. She makes no effort to move when I have to answer an incoming call, even though she’s standing with her screaming baby not even two feet from me. I’m forced to put the caller on hold and go to the other workstation, as it sounds like a crisis call and I need to be able to actually HEAR what the caller is saying so I can handle it properly. It is a crisis, and I transfer it back to the appropriate counselor.)

Me: *moving back to my workstation* “Do you need me to get you anything to help?”

Wife: *ignores me and goes to sit back down*

(The phone rang again, pulling my attention away, and the counselor got them about a minute later while I was still handling the call. When I finished, I notice that the woman left the spit-up covered tissues on the reception counter. There was a trash can literally right beneath the counter where she left them. I cleaned everything up and sanitized the hell out of the counter – and my hands – and prayed for the day when they were done with counseling.)

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