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You’ll Find The Answer In The End

| Learning | May 20, 2014

(My biology teacher has just assigned a make-work sheet to fill out. It’s a file on Google Drive, and we get laptops and class time to complete it.)

Me: “You know, I’ve found every single assignment from [Teacher] on the first hit on Google.”

Lab Partner: “You should try it. This is just to take up some class time anyway.”

(I type a basic description of the assignment in to Google.)

Lab Partner: “Ha! It’s the second hit, not the first!”

Me: “Shut up. I was close.”

(I click it.)

Me: “Oh, hey. Look what’s at the bottom of the page.”

Lab Partner: “An answer key?”

Me: “An answer key.”

(We print out the key. Shortly after, a student goes up to the teacher. The teacher then calls to the class.)

Teacher: “So it may have come to your attention that I didn’t remove the answer key from the bottom of the worksheet I shared with you…”

(I look back at the worksheet on Google Drive. Sure enough, if you scroll down, the answer key is right there.)

Lab Partner: “So he not only stole an assignment online from some college professor in Wisconsin, he was too lazy to take the answers off the end?”