You’ll Be Sorry You Asked For Sorry

, , , , , | Working | September 22, 2020

I am working customer service when a customer comes up to complain about a policy issue, something I have no control over and can do nothing about.

Me: *Smiling politely* “I’m so sorry, but that is the store policy—”

Customer: *Interrupting me* “You don’t look very sorry with that smile!”

I instantly lose the smile, put a devastated expression on my face, and start speaking with a shaky, trembling voice, as if I’m about to burst out crying.

Me: “I… I am so terribly, terribly, sorry, sir. I wish there was something I could do. I feel utterly dreadful that I am forced to treat you this way… but I have no power in this situation.”

The customer stares at me in complete shock, jaw-dropping open.

I can’t keep a straight face and start laughing. Fortunately for me, the customer joins in.

Customer: “Wow, you should be an actress!”

Me: “Did I look sorry enough for you?” *Smiles brightly* “It’s true, though; I really don’t have any control of the situation. If you want to complain to the head office, I’ll give you the number.”

Customer: “No, but thanks for the laugh!” *Leaves with a smile*

If you can make them laugh, they can’t stay mad at you.

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