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You’d Think He Was Allergic To Pink

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(My brother-in-law, his wife, and their one-year-old boy come to visit us one summer. One of their bags gets lost in the airport — the one with all the kid clothes. They spend quite a lot of time in the airport trying to find the bag, but it doesn’t appear. When they arrive at our home they don’t want to go out to buy clothes because they are very tired, so I offer some of my kids’ clothes. I only have girls, but I have a lot of “gender neutral” clothes. The problem arrives at night. All my kids’ pajamas are girls’ pajamas. That is when I have this conversation with my brother-in-law’s wife.)

Me: “I have this blue one with a pink dinosaur, the red one with flowers, and the green one with cupcakes. Which one do you prefer for [Boy]?”

Wife: “Do you have something that is not so girly?”

Me: “No, but what is the problem with him using one of this? He is only one year old and it will be only one night. Here, use the one with the dinosaur; [Boy] will love it.”

Wife: “But the dinosaur is pink!”

Me: “And? I don’t see any problem with using pink one night in his life. Actually, I don’t see any problem with him using any pink.”

Wife: “Well… It’s only for one night… But no, he will sleep in the white onesie.”

Me: “But why?”

Wife: “Actually, I don’t mind that much, but if [Brother-In-Law] sees him with something pink he will not talk to me again. You know how he can be with this kind of thing…”

(I preferred not to insist. The next day, we went to buy a lot of blue and green clothes. To this day, I can’t understand this mania with the “no pink” rule.)

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