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You’d Be Better Off With A Topless Sandwich

, , , , , | Working | December 31, 2020

At the tail-end of the lunch rush, I order a sandwich at a fast-food, chicken-only restaurant in the food court in my local mall. I watch the young man who was preparing all of the sandwiches add the toppings to each one, place the top buns on, and close the boxes. After he completes a line of them, he realizes that he has one top left, and instead of checking the boxed sandwiches, he shrugs and throws it in the trash.

Of course, as is my luck, I’m the one who is served that topless sandwich. I ask that it be remade, and the person who takes the request tells the sandwich maker.

Sandwich Maker: “Oh, that’s why there was an extra top bun; it’s right here.”

And he reached into the trash, seemingly intending to put the discarded top on the sandwich. Thankfully, he was stopped and made to change his gloves and remake it.

I’m hoping he’d not done that before and gotten away with it!

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