You Work In Fast Food And You Want To Rule By Fear?

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(I work at a popular grilled sub food chain. Currently, it’s five until closing, with a night manager and me on duty. We’ve almost finished cleaning everything and I’m happy we are getting out close to our closing time for once. Then, three guys in their forties come in. I come out of the back from washing dishes to see them ordering. As the manager fires up the grill, I cash them out and see that they have bought fries. Only one guy is paying, and since it is five until close, I assume they are getting their food to go.)

Me: *after handing him the receipt* “Would you like separate bags for each meal, sir?”

Customer #1: “What?”

Manager: *as he pulls me over* “They’re eating here.”

Me: *as I didn’t know this was allowed* “What?”

Manager: “They are eating here. They got dine-in.”

Me: “But it’s five until close. We have to honor that even if it’s five until close?”

Manager: “Look, you’re pissing me off. Just go work in the back; we’ll be done soon.”

(I leave because, hey, I don’t want a superior pissed at me, and I get the fry equipment back in order and make the three guys their fries. Once their footlongs are done, I bring their food to their table. The three idiots don’t hear me at first, as they are occupied with our television, which is playing football.)

Customer #2: *as I’m walking back to the kitchen.* “Do y’all have any ketchup?”

Me: “Yeah, I can get you some packets.”

(The guy doesn’t even say thanks. Whatever. I go back to the dishwashing area and reclean the bowls used to measure meat, the meat tongs, spatulas, spreading knives, bread knife, fry tongs, fry measurer, fry tin, bread pan, and fry scooper. The manager stays up front recleaning the grill and shutting down the equipment. Forty minutes after closing, the guys finally get ready to go.)

Customer #1: *to my manager* “Hey, sorry we kept you guys late. I’m in the business myself, and I hate when people come in just before closing.”

(He then leaves, without leaving a tip or anything more than his half-baked apology.)

Manager: “Oh, it’s no problem.” *as he brings me their baskets* “Here, clean this. Mop the line when you’re done.”

(He takes out the trash, remops where the guys were, and cashes the drawers as I sweep and mop behind the production line. The next day, our assistant manager pulls me aside.)

Assistant Manager: “Okay, why were you here until eleven? Because it shouldn’t have taken you guys that long to close.”

(I explain how we had customers come in and stay until 10:40, and how the night manager didn’t want to do any cleaning until they had left.)

Assistant Manager: “And what’s this about you and NM in a confrontation?”

(Turns out, the night manager had messaged the assistant manager and told her that, “I’ve discovered that [My Name] is afraid of me. He was annoyed at late customers and I told him that he was pissing me off and to go work and he did.” Unfortunately for him, I’ve now learned he has no power to fire me after assurances from the assistant manager. But you’re a real badass, [Night Manager], for shouting at a teen worker under you and bragging about how you’re so terrifying.)

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