You Won’t Be Marinating His Meatballs Anymore

| Romantic | March 15, 2017

(I am female, and 16 years old at the time this story is takes place. I am working in a large chain sandwich shop where you build your own sandwich. I just started working there a month prior and am still in training. A man, who looks like he’s in his 70s, walks in and my supervisor greets him by name so I know he’s a regular.)

Me: “Hello, sir, what can I get for you today?”

Customer: “Oh, I’ll just take a 6″ sub on Italian bread.”

Me: “Coming right up!”

(I turn around to grab his bread, I hear him whistle at me and abruptly turn back.)

Me: “Uh…” *deciding not to comment* “What meat would you like?”

(My supervisor comes out to the front to wash her hands; she nods to me and watches me make the man’s sandwich to check my progress. I’m about to ask what vegetables he wants when…)

Customer: “You must be new here. I’ve never seen you before, and trust me, a girl looking like you I would NOT forget.”

(As I stand there, stunned, my supervisor steps closer to me.)

Supervisor: “Yes, [My Name] is one of our new, UNDERAGE employees. She’s 16; in fact, she attends the HIGH SCHOOL up the road.”

Customer: “That’s lovely.” *turning to me* “With a young beautiful girl like you to serve me what more could a man want?”

Me: *nervously laughing* “Hah… Not sure, sir…”

Customer: *looking me over and smiling* “Yup, they sure don’t make them how they used to!”

(My supervisor then steps harshly directly in front of me and in a strict tone, while never taking her eyes off the man.)

Supervisor: “[My Name], please go into the back immediately. I need you to finish cutting up the vegetables.”

(I silently go in the back, immeasurably grateful to my supervisor. While I’m walking to the back I overhear some of their following conversation.)

Customer: “Oh, no, is she in trouble?”

Supervisor: *in a tense voice, obviously a fake cheery voice* “No, no. I just thought since you’re a regular I could make your sandwich faster. She’s still in training.”

(After a couple minutes I hear the oven beep.Since my supervisor and I are alone I know I have to go back to the front to take them out as it is company policy to serve the customer first and foremost unless there’s only one employee, and that we have to throw out any bread we burn, and if it happens too many times we get penalised. I reluctantly walk back to the front and start taking out the bread.)

Customer: “Well, look who’s back!”

(I just smile and pretend to be very concentrated.)

Supervisor: *ignoring a question about my personal life* “Your total is [total]. Will that be for here or to go?”

Customer: “To go…”

(My supervisor hands him his food and his change. As he walks out my supervisor gives me a knowing look.)

Supervisor: “You can have my free cookie tonight.”

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