You Were Incompetent In Bed

| Learning | June 3, 2016

(My English class is supposed to make a movie for our final project. One requirement of the movie is that the teacher wants 10 vocabulary words somewhere in the script. Those vocabulary words can be anything that we studied over the years. When we are presenting the movies, one very funny scene comes up:)

Student #1: “What did I ever do to you?”

Student #2: “You know what you did to me. You fired me.”

Student #1: “I fired you for your impotence!”

(The teacher burst out laughing, and had to pause the movie. Nobody had any clue why she was laughing, until she said:)

Teacher: “Impotence is just another word for erectile dysfunction!”

(Needless to say, the class burst out laughing with her, and the students were mortified!)

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