You Were “Chosen” To Handle That Customer

, , | Right | May 15, 2020

I work at a wholesale company that actually compensates its employees properly. I say that because what occurred in this story validates the pay and why I remain in the retail industry. I am 29 years old and have been a manager — what they call junior manager since there are several levels — for about six months.

I hear a call over the radio for a manager to take a call for “member assistance.” This instantly tells me that this is someone who is upset about something.

Me: “Hi. This is [My Name]; how can I help you?”

Member: “Yes! There is an issue with one of your products: a two-pack of leggings that my friend bought yesterday. You see, she opened it and one of the leggings was normal and the other was just… terrible! Nothing like the other one. And she isn’t one to complain, so I am calling for her. There is clearly an issue with who is supplying these products.”

Me: “Okay, I understand. I just need the name of the brand so I can email the proper vendor about the quality of the product.”

Member: “I don’t have that! I just know that my friend bought something from your store that was not what was shown on the package!”

Me: “That does not give me enough information to really put in a valid complaint with the buyer. I would like to help you, if you could give me those details, because that seems like a problem with their product.”

Member: “You know, I do not think it is your buyers or your company. I know what it is… It is Trump and his inference with China.”

At this point, I know that her friend probably just got a pair of leggings that was tampered with either during shipment or by other members who were shopping. However, as a manager, I am not allowed to tell a member “no” or that they are wrong. So, I tell her that I truly just need more information on the product. I secretly hope that when she calls her friend for that information, her friend will understand that calling our company over this due to Trump is a little ridiculous.

I am wrong.

She calls back asking for me. I beg other managers higher than me to take the call. I am told that, as a junior manager, I need to learn how to deal with these people, so I take the call again. All of the other managers are in the room with me for this.

Me: “Hi. This is [My Name].”

Member:Yes! I got the product name and it is spelt very strangely. It has a capital letter, then a lower case letter, then another capital letter, and then all lower case.”

I know this product. We have never had a problem with it in the past so I decide to just hear this out.

Me: “Okay, so, I can put it in with the buyers that we have a faulty product.”

Member: “No, that isn’t it! This is Trump; he is messing with our imports. I had my friend look at the label; it’s from Thailand!

I’m thinking about how she said China before, but I’ll just roll with this.

Me: “Ma’am, what I can do is put in a notice to our buyers; we are just one warehouse with the company and I am just a junior manager of that warehouse.”

Member: “How old are you?”

This is my mistake.

Me: “I am still in my twenties, ma’am.”

Member: “This is perfect! There is still time for you. You can still help! Spread the message. Let everyone know what is actually happening! You alone can make a difference!”

Me: “Again, ma’am, I can just put in a note to a buyer about a faulty product.”

Member: “No, you can do so much more than that, and after that, share your story! You will make the difference!”

There is way more to this; I am just providing the highlights, and at this point, I have another manager at my ear with the phone because the conversation I am having is so unbelievable.

Me: “I will put the note in now. Is there anything more that I can do for you today?”

Member: “I do love your company. The f*** if I know if you are saving me money or not, but whatever. Have a great day!”

Due to the numerous people who heard me take that call, I got dubbed “The Chosen One.” Honestly, I am not versed in politics and take no stance on any matters pertaining to it. I was probably the best person to take that type of call.

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