You Was Down Right Downlight Right

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(I’m working the graveyard shift: it’s just my colleague, our duty manager, and me. A customer comes to us with a request. Downlights refer to the spotlights that are installed into walls and ceilings.)

Customer: “I was told that you had downlights for the bathroom?”

Colleague: “I’m not sure which ones they would be.”

Me: *coming onto the shop floor to count some stock* “You want any downlight marked as IP65, [Colleague].”

Customer: “Do you have any adjustable ones?”

Me: “No, the moving parts would allow steam in and risk frying the circuits.”

Customer: “Fine, I’ll get these ones.” *picks out an adjustable one which is in no way, shape, or form suitable for the bathroom* “And some of these.” *picks some IP65 ones* “If my electrician agrees with you, I’ll bring them back.”

Me: *praying that her electrician isn’t a cowboy* “Sure, as long as they are in saleable condition. Also, we can order more if we’re short, but they’ll arrive in two days because the centre to process the orders is closed.”

Customer: “All right.”

(Two nights later, the same team is closing and we see the woman collecting the downlights we were short on. As we’re closing, my colleague turns to me.)

Colleague: “That woman returned the adjustable downlights while you were in the back, [My Name].”

Me: “Did she say anything?”

Colleague: “She said you were right, and her electrician wouldn’t install them in her bathroom. I couldn’t not laugh at that.”

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