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You Want The Job, YOU Make The Exception

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Several years ago, I worked for a staffing agency as a receptionist. I took a call from someone who needed a job. I offered to make him an appointment to come in and fill out an application, and he said he would just call back later.

The next day, my grandmother passed away, so I was off for a few days in preparation for her funeral and to grieve. I came back on Monday, and my boss told me about a conversation she had with the same man that I had spoken to earlier in the week.

Man: “My wife and I need jobs. When can we come in and fill out an application?”

Boss: “I can schedule you for an appointment for either Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Would you like morning or afternoon?”

Man: “Oh, I can’t come in any of those days this week.”

Boss: “Okay, what day works for you next week?”

Man: “Well, I can’t come in any day next week.”

Boss: “Okay, how about the following week?”

Man: “No, I can’t come in any time Monday through Friday. I am available to come in on Saturday or Sunday.”

Boss: “I’m sorry, sir, but we are not open on Saturday or Sunday.”

Man: “You’re not? Can’t you come in on Saturday or Sunday and interview me?”

Boss: “No, sir, I am off on the weekends, and we are closed.”

Man: “So, there’s no one that works in that office that could come in on Saturday or Sunday? I spoke to a young woman the other day on the phone. Can she not come in on one of those days and interview me?”

Boss: “No, sir, those are her days off, as well, and again, we are closed on the weekend.”

Man: “Well, that young girl should come in and interview me on Saturday, then.”

Boss: “No, sir, she cannot. She is going to a funeral on Saturday. She will not be coming in to interview you.”

Man: “She can either come before the funeral or after the funeral. I do not understand why I cannot get an interview on Saturday or Sunday.”

Boss: “Are you currently working? Is that why you are unable to come through the week? Or is it transportation issues that would not allow you to come in through the week?”

Man: “No, I am not working anywhere, and I have transportation. Can the girl come in? It would only take a few minutes of her time.”

Boss: “No, sir, she will not be coming in on Saturday or Sunday to interview you. If you are not available to interview through the week, then I’m afraid we are not interested.”

Man: “Can’t you make an exception this one time?”

Boss: “No, sir, we do not make exceptions here. We have policies and rules to follow. As I said we are not interested; please try another agency.”

Man: “No, I want you to make an exception for me.”

My boss hung up on him.

He did not call back.

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