You Want A Discount? That’s Ripe!

, , , | Right | November 13, 2019

(Our store offers a discount on overripe produce only if there is no ripe produce available. If there is overripe and ripe produce available, no discount is applied.)

Customer: “How much are the overripe bananas? I’m making banana bread for my church.”

Me: “Just a moment, ma’am.” *steps away to check if there are ripe bananas as well as overripe* “They’ll be [price].”

Customer: “No, no, that’s the price for the regular bananas. These ones are overripe, so they’re cheaper, right?”

Me: “No, ma’am. If there are ripe bananas as well as overripe, there is no price difference.”

Customer: “What?! That’s ridiculous!”

Me: “Well, ma’am, you’re choosing to buy the overripe bananas, even though there are ripe bananas available. So, I cannot offer you a discount.”

Customer: “That’s absurd. Your store needs to reconsider policy on this!”

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