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You Try To Do Something Nice…

, , , , , | Friendly | CREDIT: 5_Frog_Margin | May 30, 2021

I saw someone lose their smartphone in real-time. I was driving behind her and saw it fly off the top of her car on a busy one-lane highway. It was a little dangerous, but I pulled over, waited for a break in traffic, and darted out to grab the phone. It was miraculously unharmed. Her background pic showed a woman in her twenties and her partner.

I kept driving around doing my errands until her phone rang, about thirty or forty minutes later. I told her where the phone had flown off the roof and how I’d retrieved it and mentioned that she must have put it up there while getting gas or something.

Her response?

Woman: “Okay. Could you bring it here to me in [Her Town, thirty minutes away], please? I work at [Pizza Joint].”

Me: “Uhhhh… That’s nowhere near me. I’m in [My Town]. You can pick it up here. I’ll meet you at the [Donut Shop].”

Woman: *Annoyed* “I can’t drive all the way to [My Town]. I don’t know [My Town]. Let’s meet halfway at [Popular Restaurant].”

Me: “That’s not even remotely halfway. [Popular Restaurant] is still in your town. Want to just pick it up later?”


She put her boyfriend on the phone.

Boyfriend: “Dude, what’s your f****** problem? Give her back her phone already.”

This went on for a few minutes with the boyfriend getting “tougher and tougher.” I have zero tolerance for s***ty behavior, so I hung up on them and shut off the phone.

I was going to visit my grandfather the next day, so I kept the phone on me until then. When I got to granddad’s town two hours away, I turned the phone on, found the girl’s father in her contacts, called him, and told him everything. He was very apologetic, and I’m guessing it wasn’t his first rodeo. I told him that, due to her rudeness — and her boyfriend’s thinly-veiled threats — the phone could now be picked up at the local police station in my granddad’s hometown.

Dad’s response?

Dad: “Looks like she’ll have a three-hour drive both ways this weekend. Sorry again.”

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