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You Think About That, Because They Don’t Want To

, , , , , | Right | December 21, 2018

(A customer calls asking about a bedroom package.)

Customer: “Hi. I want to know how much the [bedroom package] costs.”

Me: “It’s normally [price], but right now it’s on sale for [significant discount]!”

Customer: “Can you do any further discount on that price?”

Me: “No, unfortunately not. We already give a small discount on all the items when they’re purchased in a package, and you’re saving [large amount] on top of—“

Customer: *interrupting* “It’s just that I’m in [Competitor] right now, looking at the same item, and I want to know if you can go any cheaper.”

Me: “Unfortunately not. You’re already saving [large amount] on top of our regular discount; we can’t go any lower.”

Customer: “Okay, then, goodbye.”

(I think that’s the end of it until I get a call back ten minutes later.)

Customer: “I just wanted you to know I bought the package from [Competitor].”

Me: “Okay?”

Customer: “And I paid more for it, too. Think about that.”

Me: “…”

(I have no idea what I’m supposed to “think about,” or what I did to tick this guy off so much!)