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You Sure You Wanna Have Kids With Her?

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I am agnostic and my girlfriend is an atheist. My last name is Chan.

I was just hanging out with my girlfriend and talking when, somehow, the topic of what we would name our theoretical future children came up. Neither of us took it at all seriously, and we were both trying to come up with the worst possible names we could give the poor kids.

Girlfriend: “Oh, oh! I’ve got the perfect name: Christopher!”

Me: “Why’s that perfect?”

Girlfriend: “Because we would be raising him to believe everything we believe, of course.”

Me: “So?”

Girlfriend: “So, he will be the only Chris Chan I’ve ever met that doesn’t believe in God!”

As I recall, I ended up throwing a French fry at her for that one. Years later, she is now my fiancée. No news yet on any Chris Chans, though.

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