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You Should See What He’ll Go Through For A Dollar

, , , | Right | January 3, 2022

When I was sixteen, I worked at a family-owned Italian restaurant as a waitress.

Customer: “I want extra dressing for my salad, but I don’t want to pay for extra.”

Me: “Sir, it’s only 35¢.”

He thought that flirting with me would change his mind. After I denied him a few times, he complained and threatened me, so I placed him in the hands of my manager. After ten minutes of back-and-forth with my manager:

Customer: “I’m not going to pay the bill!”

Manager: “You can either pay the bill and leave or the cops will be called because you’re causing a disturbance.”

He left the table to go to the bathroom and ended up calling the cops. He made up a whole story about how we were threatening him and followed him to the bathroom. I had to give a statement. He wasn’t arrested but he was banned. All over 35¢.

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