You Should Scream For Your Ice Cream

, , , , , | Working | November 27, 2019

(I am a fairly unobtrusive person and tend to step lightly. I am at the mall with some friends. We decide to get sandwiches for lunch and then look around the mall before we have to leave. One of my friends has gone to a creamery across the way from the sandwich shop and tells us that it is really good, so when I finish my sandwich I go to get some ice cream of my own. That section of the mall is fairly empty; I am the only person anywhere near the creamery except for the lone employee behind the counter, reading something on his phone. I walk up to the counter and bend to read the labels over the ice cream. I read all of them and the employee doesn’t notice me. I take my time and read all the labels on the toppings. Still no reaction from the employee. I read all the syrup labels. Still no reaction. By now I am getting a little concerned, even if it has been nice to have the time to read the labels without making the employee wait.)

Me: “Um… Excuse me?”

Employee: *jumps* “Oh, sorry, miss! I didn’t see you there!”

(He made my ice cream and apologized for not noticing when I came up to the counter. The ice cream was delicious and when I told my friends what had happened they joked that I could be a burglar!)

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