You Should Not Have Contacted Or Contracted Him

, , , | Right | December 3, 2020

Because we are a social housing company, there are a lot of government laws that we have to follow. One of those laws had the intention to make things clearer, but in the end, made things confusing and only costs a lot of money for everyone. The government decides to cancel the law. Nothing changes for our clients, but we are obligated to inform them that the mentioned law no longer applies. 

Client: “Why did I get this letter?”

Me: “The law was cancelled, so we are obligated to inform you, but don’t worry; nothing will change for you. You won’t pay anything more or less because of this law.”

Client: “You are not allowed to change my contract without consulting me first!”

Me: “Eh, we didn’t change anything. The government did. The mentioned law doesn’t exist anymore.”

Client: “That’s illegal!”

Me: “The government decided the mentioned law should no longer exist. We can’t change that. But, like I said, nothing changes for you. You still have the same rights, but now you don’t have to contact a third party; we can help you ourselves now!”

Client: “This is illegal! You are not allowed to change a contract without my approval! You must change it back or I will contact my lawyer!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but the government cancelled the law. I can’t do anything about it.”

Client: “I will not accept this! Change it back, right now!”

Me: “You want me to apply back a law that no longer exists?”

Client: “You changed my contract without consulting me first and that is illegal!”

Me: “I’ll send your request to the department that dealt with this change. You will be informed within a few days.”

Client: “You will be hearing from my lawyer!”

I had no idea how to make it clear that you can’t reapply a law that the government cancelled.

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