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You Should Hear Her When She Gets A Bill

, , | Right | October 3, 2021

A woman started actually screaming — like the screams in horror movies — because we told her we couldn’t access her cellphone account for her without her giving us a social security number, even after I told her she could punch it in herself so I couldn’t see it. I preferred it that way, anyway, because I didn’t want to be accidentally memorizing socials for people who were buying four or five phones from us. Because we were third-party, the carriers required us to get at least the last four digits to even access the account, and then the full number to upgrade or add a line, for security purposes.

At one point, we thought she’d finally given in, but she just punched in four random numbers. Then, she screamed at us again because her account got locked for fraud protection and she was going to have to wait a minimum of twenty-four hours, or she was going to have to call her carrier to get it unlocked.

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