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My husband, two-year-old daughter, and I are at a popular furniture store. Before we go up the escalator to enter the main part of the store, I take my daughter to use the restroom. The restrooms happen to be near where the drop-off childcare area is, which is closed due to the health crisis. The elevators are located there, as well, including where the carts are.

An employee watches us walking toward that area and steps in front of me, blocking me from the restrooms.

Employee: “The child’s area is closed.”

Me: “Yes, I know. I’m actually just taking my daughter to the restroom.”

I try to walk around them and they step in front of me again.

Employee: “Ma’am, I told you, the child’s area is closed! You can’t take your daughter there.”

Me: “I’m just trying to take my daughter to the restroom before we join my husband upstairs.”

They huff at me but stand aside to let us through. My husband has already gone upstairs via the elevators with a cart. When my daughter and I finish, my daughter wants to go up the escalator, which involves walking past the employee again. They block us again.

Employee: “The carts are over there and you can take the elevator.”

Me: “My husband is already upstairs with a cart. We’d like to take the escalator.”

Employee: “But the carts are over there! You have to get a cart.”

Me: “My husband already grabbed a cart and is waiting for us upstairs. Please stop blocking us.”

Employee: “FINE! Do whatever you want, then. Don’t blame me because you don’t listen.”

Me: “Pretty sure I’m not the one that’s not listening.”