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I work at a theme park in admissions, which includes tolls, pass processing, and sales. If you purchase a one-day pass at the park (not online), then you actually get a two-day pass for the same price. It’s like a buy-one-get-one-free deal.

Occasionally when I work sales, a customer will purchase a one-day pass, and I’ll sell them the “Pay Once, Visit Twice” pass. I really have no choice; there’s not even a one-day pass option on my computer.

Customer: *Complaining* “I did not want to pay for a two-day pass!”

Me: “It’s the exact same price as a one-day pass; there really is nothing cheaper. It’ll enable you to enter the park any other day the entire season.”

Customer: “I don’t want to come back!”

Me: “You can just give it to someone else if you really don’t want it.”

Customer: “And have them profit from me?! Screw that!”

Me: “Well, the only one-day option is bought online, but it really is the same price.”

Customer: “Fine! Then that is what I’ll do!”

The customer stood in front of me and made a show of paying online and then walking through with a proud huff. They actually spent $3 more for their one-day-only ticket due to processing fees, but hey, to them, it was a victory.

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