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You Shall Not Get Your Pass

| Learning | April 17, 2015

(At my high school if we have good grades we get to go to lunch for a half hour while those who have bad grades go to a study hall classroom. If we have good grades we have to have a hall pass signed by a teacher with our grades. I forgot mine on the day that I had a substitute so I go to the office.)

Me: “I forgot my hall pass. May I have a note to go home so I can get it? I live really close.”

Office Staff: “Where is your hall pass?”

Me: “At home. I just said that I need to go get it.”

Office Staff: “Oh. Well you need your hall pass.”

Me: “I need my hall pass so I can go get my hall pass?”

Office Staff: “Yes.”

Me: “Um.. okay.”

(I go to a security guard.)

Me: “So, apparently I need a hall pass to go get my hall pass that’s at home. The lady in the office won’t let me go get it. May I just print out my grades to get into the lunch room?”

Security Guard: *laughing* “That would work.”