You Say Tomato, I Say Allergic Reaction  

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(The wait staff deal with the customers and the cooks — like myself — cook the food. There have been multiple incidences where I’ve had to send the wait staff back to their tables to apologize. I get a ticket saying, “Tortilla soup, no chicken.”)

Me: “Hey, someone go find [Waiter] and send him to me!”

Waiter: “Yeah, what do you want?”

Me: “You are aware our soup is premade with chicken, right? I could try to keep the chunks out but it’ll still have the broth.”

Waiter: “Oh. Hang on.” *comes back a minute later* “Yeah, the customer is vegan.”

Me: *face-palm*

(Another incident, the order says, “Fajitas, no onion.” I call for the fajita, forgetting to mention the “no onion.” The waiter comes back with it.)

Waiter: “This was supposed to be no onion!”

Me: “Crap. Hey, [Fajita Person], fire up a—”

Waiter: “He’s allergic to onion!”

Me: “Why in the f*** did you not put that on the ticket?! [Fajita Person], do not make that fajita!” *turning to the waiter* “You march you a** to that table and grab their setup!”

Waiter: “Why? It doesn’t have pico and they do want the bell pepper on the fajita.”

Me: “I don’t give a rat’s a** what they want! The guacamole has onions! The bell pepper is cooked with onions! This is why you have to put allergies on the d*** ticket!”

(Third incident, as I place tacos on the plate.)

Waitress: “Hey, there were supposed to be no tomatoes.”

Me: “It doesn’t say that on the ticket.”

Waitress: “Oops. Just take the tomatoes off.”

(I do so and send it out. A moment later she’s back.)

Waitress: “They saw a part of a tomato on the tacos. Can you remake them?”

Me: “Ugh, fine.”

(I start prepping tacos.)

Waitress: “Sorry. They said they’re allergic to tomatoes.”

Me: “Then they absolutely will not get any tacos. All of our taco meat is made with tomatoes.”

Waitress: *starts to backtrack* “Uh, well, they still want two tacos, just no tomatoes.”

Me: “Then you need to get a manager to talk to them because they will not be getting tacos from me whether they told the truth about their allergy or not. I will not serve them tacos.”

(It turns out she then told them I was refusing them service, they asked why, and when she said the meat was cooked in tomatoes they immediately changed their mind and chose an allergy-free option, instead. The moral is that if you’re going to be a server, learn your food. If you don’t know, ask the cooks.)

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