You Saved Their Bacon

| Working | March 4, 2015

(I had placed an online order for a pizza with, among other toppings, bacon. Maybe ten minutes later, the pizza place calls.)

Worker: “I’m so sorry about this, but there’s a problem with your order.”

Me: “There is? What?”

Worker: “We’re out of bacon.”

Me: *gives a gasp as though I’m shocked to my core, then speaking normally* “Hmm. Well, do you have Canadian bacon?”

Worker: “Yes.”

Me: “Okay, let’s get that instead.”

Worker: “Thank you!”

(About another fifteen minutes pass, and I go to pick up my pizza.)

Worker: “Hey, I’m the one you spoke to on the phone. I’m really glad the Canadian bacon worked out.”

Me: “Oh, if you didn’t have that, I would have switched to extra cheese or something. It’s no big deal.”

Worker: “Well, we really appreciate how nice you were about it.”

Me: “Rough day?”

Worker: “You have no idea.”

Me: “Oh, I probably do. I work in retail, too.”

Worker: “Oh, you UNDERSTAND!”

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