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You Recognize When Something Is Amazing

, | Right | September 22, 2016

(I am working as server at a café as a summer job. I am of Chinese descent (born in Portugal) and it’s not exactly easy, since my looks catch the attention of less welcoming people. After a couple of relatively easy weeks, I run into a spree of unfriendly customers and am in a relatively bad mood.)

Customer: “Hello!”

(These are a foreign couple that I remember because they always ask for the same drinks.)

Customer: “It’s nice to see you here! We’re only staying in Portugal for four weeks and we only managed to recognize you!”

Me: “Thank you! I also remember you; you always ask for [Drink #1] and [Drink #2]. It’s a pleasure to see you!”

(Being late afternoon, it isn’t very busy so even though my boss is right next to us, he didn’t mind letting me chat with the friendly couple.)

Customer: “We’re from [European Country]. Where are you from?”

(We talk for a few minutes about my origins while they spoke of their travels, which included Beijing, China. I could tell that this person’s words were genuine.)

Customer: “We will probably never see each other again, but we will remember you. Have a nice life and thank you very much!”

(I don’t know if you’ll ever forget or if I’ll manage to remember it either. Regardless, even if the chance is astronomically small, if you’re reading this, please know that those kind and caring words that you said to a person you barely even knew made his day much brighter.)

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