You Pay Me Two Hours’ Minimum Wage

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(I work in a shoe store.)

Customer: “Hi, just these.”

Me: “Cool. Did you find everything okay over there?”

Customer: “I did, but there seems to be a glue mark here. Like, the glue is clearly visible. Can you give me anything off for it?”

Me: “Oh… unfortunately not. It’s against company policy for me to discount a shoe based on a defect. The only thing I can do is see if I can order you one directly from the warehouse.” *checks* “Looks like I can’t actually. Darn. This is the only one close by, too.”

Customer’s Obnoxious Friend: “So, you’re telling me you can’t order it, and you can’t give my friend anything off for this shoe? It’s $29.99. I’m already paying your salary here.”

Me: “Excuse me, but no, I cannot. As you said, it’s $29.99. You can try your luck at [Chain Shoe Store] or something, but there’s nothing I can do unless you specifically have a coupon.”

Customer’s Obnoxious Friend: “Okay. We’re done here; we’re never shopping here again.” *both of them leave the shoes on the counter*

Me: “Technically, you never did…”

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