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You Pay Me Garbage

| Working | November 16, 2015

(I have a notoriously bad manager that no one likes to work with. One of her favourite tricks is to ask people to do half hour or hour long tasks only minutes before their shifts end, and when they rush to get it half done, she tells them to stay for a few extra minutes to get it finished. After the last time she does this to me, I’m done with her tricks.)

Manager: “Hey, you took way too long to do the garbage and sweep the lot.”

Me: “…It’s one of the busiest days of the season.”

Manager: “It shouldn’t take an hour.”

Me: “The parking lot is full of cars that I needed to work around, and half the people in those cars are throwing trash onto the lot as I’m sweeping it. Not to mention the garbage bins were all overflowing and the dumpster is completely full.”

Manager: “You need to go faster.”

(Fast forward to the end of my shift.)

Manager: “Hey, why don’t you go do the garbage?”

Me: “I leave in five minutes.”

Manager: “You can start them.”

(I begin the garbage, and stop as soon as my shift is over.)

Me: “I started garbage, but you’re on your own to finish them.”

Manager: “But you’re half done. You may as we—”

Me: “So you’re paying me?”

Manager: “What?”

Me: “I’m staying past the end of my shift. You’re keeping me for an extra half-hour and paying me for it?”

Manager: *laughs* “No, I am not.”

Me: “Then have fun with the garbage.”

(I left. She never tried to pull that trick on me again.)

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